Biography portrait

I'm a multidisciplinary artist based in Montreal. I started my artistic practice with photography five years ago and I'm now exploring for the last three years digital art. My practice exploits the aesthetic potential of new technologies with which I create generative systems.

My work over the past few years has led me to develop a strong interest in artificial intelligence due to its creative potential. Which led me to include it more and more in my work. I use my education in programming, interactive media and mechanical engineering to bring to life the systems that support my creation. For the past year, I have been working with artists from various backgrounds such as Sofian Audry and Erin Gee as well as Robert Robert and Marilou Lyonnais Archambault. I want to be able to support artists as much as possible in the creation of their project thanks to my technical capacities when I am not working on mine.

In addition to my artistic practice, I am interested in the nightlife scene of Montreal. I am the cofounder of Hifive production, a Montreal collective of Sound System Culture enthusiasts who are involved in the emerging electronic music scene and which aims to unite its members in the same community.


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