2015 - Now

HIFIVE is a collective started in 2015 with some of my best friends with the goal of democratizing the Sound system culture and the bass music in Quebec. We aim to help small event promoters to give the best show they can to their public by providing accessible audio, lighting, visuals or decor fabrication for their events. We think that listening experience is important, especially in bass music. That's why we decided to build our own sound system, to provide the truest listening experience for this kind of music.

Through these events we promote community, connections with people, sharing and helping. No bass music events would have ever happened without the help of the volunteers. This project is about giving back to the ones helping this scene and giving places for bass music lovers to meet and see each other. I'd like to thank everyone whoever helped us in a show and everyone who encouraged us through the years.

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Metafloor @ Bar Timis

Outlook Festival Montreal Launch Party
Festival La Traverse
Oazis Tri Nox Samoni w/ Somatoast
TeKniGOdoN - 2020 : NYE TeKno Agricole

Musik Me Luv presents: Jack Sparrow & Distinct Motive

Classique Rollin

Sound system

Plywood Geodesic Dome Stage